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About Me

Hi, I am Ndeye Labadens, founder of LANN Consultings. I am a writer, a world traveler. I am also enrolled in Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

In my DBA project, I intend to focus on helping my fellow authors reach out to the perfect readers. I love sharing my experiences to help others to be successful and learn from it. As long as, I can help through my writing and coaching; I am happy to write and coach.

Through LANN, I support my fellow authors, get more exposure and increase their audience. I prefer to teach them how to do it on their own. But in the case needed I can offer a service “Done for you.” The “Done for you” service is a regular traffic towards your book.

I believe the greatest challenge for an Indie author is to find readers. In the case of Non-Fiction writers, it is selling products. I help my fellow writers to reach their goals.