Have you ever heard, let experience be your teacher?

I’m offering you information on how to develop strategies in your book launch. Do you struggle to research for answers, while you can easily find them here!  Secrets book launch gives you techniques needed.

Have you ever heard, let experience be your teacher?

I’m offering you information on how to develop strategies in your book launch. Do you struggle to research for answers, while you can easily find them here!  Secrets book launch gives you techniques needed.

Best #Books #Gift of the year 2017!

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Happy Holidays! Enjoy the end of the Year selected

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Spend your holidays reading with your loved ones. Join this event and get many gift ideas for the end of the year holidays.

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Ndeye Labadens

Prepare to Crush the Game of Social Media! 

This is a fun and powerful method to promote your business, book, or item. 

Why Do You Need to Crush Social Network? 

This book offers step- by- step instructions to build your social media presence with your platforms and /or blog. 

You’ll have access to multiple resources to help increase your sales and your online presence. 

For example, do you know the best keywords to use? When is the most beneficial time to use Twitter? 
How do you change listings on Goodreads? You’ll find answers to these questions and many more. 
Prepare to Crush the Social Media in Only 2 Minutes a Day is a must-have! 




European Memories: Travels and Adventures Through 15 countries
is a compilation of years of travels in the European Continent.
A Guidebook to help you visit these countries:
•United Kingdom
•and The Vatican
If these questions cross your mind:
What happened on the road?
Where to go in Europe?
How to plan your vacation or Business trip?
Why choose one European country over another?
What is the best spot you must visit?
Then this book is for you. Get free complementary videos, photographs and bonus book included.

Meet Deanie author of Charlie the Horse
Are you looking for a Christmas or holiday gift to entertain your children while they learn valuable things?  If so, check out Charlie the Horse, an adorable, easy-to-read children’s book. The story is told by Charlie himself.
Charlie the Horse comes from a famous racing family, but will he have the talent to succeed? Will he even want to try it? What will Charlie do if he doesn’t feel like racing?  Not only will you see Charlie’s personality when you read the story, but you’ll smile when you read his thoughts. Unlock the magic of Christmas and open your child’s imagination with a copy of Charlie the Horse.

For now, meet Tracy!

 Of course. “Ways of War” is a historical novel set during the 1960’s. The main Character Anna Windsor is a young mother whose husband goes off to war. To maintain her sanity, she goes back to work at the University where she stumbles on a secret that changes the course of her life. As the story unfolds you’ll see how she adjusts to the many challenges that face her and the citizens of our country, not only nationally, but at a local level as well. Interwoven with the everyday life of Anna, you’ll find an underlying threat that not only affects her but many innocent victims. The Cold War era was a time of great secrecy within our government. As you read the novel, you will learn some of those secrets. Some may shock you while others may be familiar.

Thanks, Tracy! https://goo.gl/PWmS5C

Meet Jean Gill!

How did you come up with the idea for your current novel?
I was reading a book about the poetry of the medieval troubadours, who lived in the same part of France as I do, and I came across the sentence, ‘Rumour says that a female troubadour was touring the south of France with a big white dog.’ Given my love of Great Pyrenees, for poetry, for Provence… how could I not write that girl’s story? She became Estela in ‘Song at Dawn,’ the first book in The Troubadours Quartet.


Get her book here: http://amzn.to/2lRgYFd

Free copies here all year long http://www.jeangill.com


Relocation Without Dislocation by Ndeye Labadens for your trips in 2018!
Moving? Noooo!
Pain — Worry—- Stress —- Expenses
Relocation can be hard.
Don’t let moving defeat you!
You are leaving your friends and perhaps your family behind. Even if you are looking forward to moving, the logistics and the loneliness can be overwhelming. Especially, if the culture you are moving to is different from that to which you are used to.
This handy guide shows you how to move without hustle, pain, worries and uncontrolled expenses. Being prepared and aware of potential problems will help your move go much more smoothly.


PM Perry’s new release!
Recent events force Maya and her twin Jack to seek out a monastery, a place not so far away where things are a world apart. Strange happenings are normal for Maya but the latest weren’t normal by even her standards.
David is a delinquent on the run with a secret quest of his own.
Together the three children find themselves as outcasts amongst powerful mythical wizards, ancient guardians, and protectors of fabled artefacts.
Can Maya, Jack, and David lock their wit against a proud ghoula merciless wraith and discover the cause of the theftfoil an invasion and uncover a prophecy that will change their lives and the fate of the world forever!

Meet Meredith,
Do you feel lost and isolated, as though you don’t matter? Do you feel tired and stressed, in need of replenishment and refreshment? Do you want to find out more about the One who loves you more deeply, and knows you more thoroughly, than you could ever imagine? Do you want to find out practical ways to grow your faith and walk more closely with Jesus? Then this devotional style book is for you!
Allow the words of the Saviour to uplift, comfort and restore you in the beautiful Garden of Promise. Isolation and fear will lift as you meet Jesus in the pages of this book and allow His love to soothe and inspire you.

Meet Boss,
The story starts with six teenagers. Each recently finding out that they were born half human and half alien. The teenagers are invited to the mysterious Zen Academy, an institution that is kept secret from the rest of the world. There they meet the alluring Chancellor Thorne, the pure alien headmaster that informs the teenagers they are safe and her true desire is to help them control and understand their strange abilities. This, however, is her biggest lie.

African Memories
Do you enjoy discovering new places?
Are you dreaming of adventure?
Where will you go?
Escape to Africa with the beautiful photographs

Happy Holidays 2017!
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