Have you ever heard, let experience be your teacher?

I’m offering you information on how to develop strategies in your book launch. Do you struggle to research for answers, while you can easily find them here!  Secrets book launch gives you techniques needed.

Have you ever heard, let experience be your teacher?

I’m offering you information on how to develop strategies in your book launch. Do you struggle to research for answers, while you can easily find them here!  Secrets book launch gives you techniques needed.

Black Friday Promo Book #Free and #discounted books and ebook

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Black Friday Promo Book #Free and #discounted books and ebook

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Ways of War – Historical Fiction

It wasn’t long before they were standing in front of the bus, bodies trembling, hearts aching. Then the tears came, again. Anna and Grant embraced each other once again. Grant leaned down and kissed Jessica, who looked up at him and smiled … The tears were streaming down his face now. Anna reached up to brush them away, and as she did, she whispered, “I love you, Grant, with all my heart and soul. Please remember that and come back to us safely.” Grant bent and kissed Jessica on the forehead and smiled, then embraced Anna one last time … he turned to go. He looked back at his girls waving and smiling. Through his tears, he yelled, “I love you, Anna, I’ll be home soon.”… As the bus drove off, Anna looked at the windows to have one final look at the man she loved.


The Ominous: Some play it safe. Heroes don’t 

The story starts with six teenagers. Each recently finding out that they were born half human and half alien. The teenagers are invited to the mysterious Zen Academy, an institution that is kept secret from the rest of the world. There they meet the alluring Chancellor Thorne, the pure alien headmaster that informs the teenagers they are safe and her true desire is to help them control and understand their strange abilities. This, however, is her biggest lie.

They are dangerous. They are threatening. They are The Ominous.

Song at Dawn

Like GOT with real history
Book 1 of the award-winning Historical Fiction series The Troubadours Quartet
Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice Winner of the Global Ebooks Award for Best Historical Fiction Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards and the Chaucer Awards

On the run from abuse, Estela wakes in a ditch with only her lute, her amazing voice, and a dagger hidden in her underskirt. Her talent finds a patron in Aliénor of Aquitaine and more than a music tutor in the Queen’s finest troubadour and Commander of the Guard, Dragonetz los Pros.
Set in the period following the Second Crusade, Jean Gill’s spellbinding romantic thrillers evoke medieval France with breathtaking accuracy. The characters leap off the page and include amazing women like Eleanor of Aquitaine, who shaped history in battles and in bedchambers.
‘Historical Fiction at its best.’ Karen Charlton, the Detective Lavender Mysteries

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Relocation Without Dislocation

5.0 out of 5 stars Relocation Without Dislocation

By Amazon Customer on August 29, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase


African Memories: Travels to the interior of Africa (Travels and Adventures of Ndeye Labadens Book 3)

Do you enjoy discovering new places?
Are you dreaming of adventure?
Where will you go?
Escape to Africa with the beautiful photographs and videos from:

Give yourself the deserved rest and enjoy the beautiful and stunning pictures of Africa.
Each country displays a unique facet of beautiful Africa with all of its different cultures.
These new places will take you on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and relaxation.
You will feel like being at these places yourself with the author as your personal guide.
The author makes you feel like being there yourself.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity and allow yourself to dive deep into the feeling of holidays and adventure.
Allow your family and friends the unique opportunity to experience this journey with you, by offering them this book as a gift.


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Genitori di Successo

il genitori di successo
E’ un manuale che si basa sul “metodo gabellini”, inventato da Dr.ssa Albina Gabellini.
Contiene i protocolli per sviluppare l’abilita nei figli per affrontare bene il mondo in cambiamento.
E’ un libro indispensabile per qualsiasi genitori che desidera vedere il proprio figlio number ONE in ogni campo.

Charlie the Horse

Charlie dreamed of becoming a famous racehorse like his Dad, Charles the Great. Will he have the talent to succeed when he leaves for training at Sweetbrier Racing Stable? What will he do if he’s tired and doesn’t feel like running? How will Charlie react when he faces challenges on the race track? Charlie tells this story just for you. Your child will delight in reading about Charlie as a baby horse with a big dream.

Charlie the Horse is a cute story and a perfect holiday gift, especially for horse lovers. Children will love Charlie’s amusing thoughts and delightful adventures. This book as won the “50 Great Books You Should Be Reading” award in 2015 and 2016, as well as, the gold medal in a cover contest in 2017. My sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj, illustrated the book and designed the winning cover.



La Salud Que Te conviene

Mi Libro, la salud que te conviene; es una guía fácil de seguir hacia un estilo de vida sano. Porque descubrí que la salud depende un 90% de la nutrición. La mala nutrición es la razón de todos los males, y en este libro comparto las referencias de lugar, para que cada quien pueda comprobarlo por sí mismo. 


Hitler On Trial

In 1939, a 24-year old American journalist discovers that Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf—as published in the United States—is sanitized. Using Hitler’s own words from the original Nazi manifesto, he translates and writes an annotated condensed edition to expose the full measure of Hitler’s evil ideology, chilling anti-Semitism, and plans for world domination. The American publisher of Mein Kampf sues for copyright infringement.

This short historical book is about the people and events that shaped the young journalist’s life. He pursued the truth to alert Americans and the world to the danger six months before Hitler invades Poland marking the beginning of WWII.

The journalist was Alan Cranston, future U.S. Senator,
and candidate for President. Cranston dedicated his life to public service, nuclear arms reduction, and world peace.

The author was Senator Cranston’s foreign policy aide for eight years.


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