Have you ever heard, let experience be your teacher?

I’m offering you information on how to develop strategies in your book launch. Do you struggle to research for answers, while you can easily find them here!  Secrets book launch gives you techniques needed.

Have you ever heard, let experience be your teacher?

I’m offering you information on how to develop strategies in your book launch. Do you struggle to research for answers, while you can easily find them here!  Secrets book launch gives you techniques needed.

Meet Benyakir Horowitz author of Rest and Dreams

by | Oct 9, 2018 |

Hello Folks, Benyakir,

Thank you for being with us. Please Introduce yourself.

Hello. My name is Benyakir B. Horowitz. I spent most of my life in Boulder, Colorado, where I studied Italian, Classics, and Linguistics for my undergrad before earning a Master’s degree from Middlebury College in Florence and worked in Milan for a year. Subsequently, I moved back to the United States. I first thought I would go into translation, but I quickly found that I could express myself better and more clearly in my own writing.

What’s the story behind the title?

It took me a long time to make the decision of how to title my book, The Rest of the Dreams. I made this decision because it was the best way to convey the totality of the story. Both of the words, Rest and Dreams, change meanings as the story progresses. The protagonist’s Rest starts off as repose or a break from reality and matures as he passes from death’s door to security. A second meaning comes as he wakes up from his coma and begins to feel impatient at having to go through the long, intensive process of recovery and the powerlessness that comes with it. As far as Dreams go, it begins as the visions that come at night and in a coma. Much like Rest, it transitions into aspirations as the protagonist regains enough of his consciousness to want something better for himself.

Why did you write this book?

For a long time, I wrestled with the idea of writing about my experiences in a coma. The straw that broke the camel’s back was seeing and reading one too many inaccurate portrayals of comas, atrophy and recovery in film and books. I wanted to give what was to me a realistic but fictional narrative of such a calamity.

How do you keep the reader’s attention?

I believe that the most important element in a book is honesty. All readers (me included) are drawn into a story that exaggerates and dramatizes, but in those moments of midnight trips to the fridge, what seemed so good can ring hollow. The way that I put this in my stories is that I have never felt that my characters should necessarily be relatable or personable to an audience for the sake of it but because they are acting like themselves. My goal is to capture the weird idiosyncrasies and tics that make up a human, not the idealized (or platonic) template of a strong, bad or scheming character. By relying on my honesty instead of stereotypes and interchangeable stories, I hope to create a unique story that uplifts the reader as much as it does the author.

How did you come up with this book idea?

Besides what I wrote above, I thought writing the book would be easy (because of my experiences), but when I finally got down to it I had no idea where to begin. Thankfully, I got a much clearer idea after ingesting post-modern literature and films (such as Gravity’s Rainbow and Jacob’s Ladder). They showed me that the best way to communicate the effects of a coma is to emphasize sensation and emotion over coherence or concision.

What publishing elements do you most enjoy and most like to avoid, and why? (e.g., design, marketing, formatting, etc.)

I’m not a big fan of design because I’m a perfectionist of little graphical abilities. I have great ideas, but I have few ways to implement them. I often get frustrated and annoyed while designing my covers because I have a hard time with any sort of format for expression other than writing.

As far as what I enjoy, it probably is the marketing. I’m still a newbie, but there are a lot of creative and cool things you can do. I previously thought of marketing as lying to get sales, but there’s something more I’ve figured out. I get the opportunity to offer a different perspective to people who disagree on what a story must be.

What’s next on your writing journey?

I’m about halfway done writing the rough draft of a new book about the immigration in the United States through the allegory of a semi-dysfunctional university. The story behind it is that I have become quite involved with it and needed to put in my two cents. After having experiences abroad and helping my wife move to the United States from Italy and hearing people come to erroneous conclusions, I feel like I need to correct them on the onerous complexity of both the system and the burden of the immigrant.

Where would my audience find your book?

Out on December 5th, The Rest of the Dreams will be available softbound and as an e-book on Lulu and soon after on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Barnes and Nobles and other common platforms for e-books, such as iBooks.

Also, until the book is published, I will be posting a different draft of the first chapter, available on Wattpad at:

You can learn more about me as an author on my Amazon author page at:

My Lulu page at: https://goo.gl/VP87ap

On Facebook: https://goo.gl/SwzxEz

On Twitter: @BenyakirTen

Thank you for your time Benyakir!

Ndeye Labadens

Your Host,

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